Great discounts and free week on Amplitude Studios games

Amplitude Studios celebrate their eighth birthday with The endless day which brings a free weekend of Amplitude collection, the launch of two major new expansions and a lot of unlockable community content. As an added benefit, Endless Space 1 will be free for life for anyone connecting Steam with Games2Gether’s shared creation platform.

Free Weekend Community Challenge: Explore galaxies and unlock content

From January 24 to 28, all Amplitude games will be available for free, a great opportunity to try out the Endless Universe.

Get Endless Space 1 for free for life

“old but good”; as they say. We are giving away our debut game, Endless Space 1, as a thank you to all members of our Games2Gether community. Do not know what it is? It is our creative platform with a combination of players, where we consider accounts from our members of the community, if we are informed or new, accounts on how we should treat our games. This includes everything from polls and contests to the publication of our game design documents. We attribute much of our impressive success to this central philosophy.

Click here to get Endless Space 1 for free through your Games2Gether account.

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