Gran Turismo 7 receives 1.08 parking more than 24 hours out of service

Gran Turismo 7 has received the park 1.08.

Polyphony Digital released update 1.07 yesterday but, after verifying that this park was causing issues when the game launched, they pulled its download almost immediately.

This caused a server maintenance that lasted more than 24 hours, such that the vast majority of GT7 modes were completely unavoidable during this period for not being able to establish the internet connection that the title requires.

The release of park 1.08 caused further controversy in the always onlinewhich brings me a reduction in the amount of credits that can be earned from events that have been converted to Farm Favorites.

This is particularly serious given that not only loans can be obtained by playing, but also payments with real money microtransactions.

Game Director Kazunori Yamauchi says that “in GT7, I would like users to be able to enjoy many cars and tests, including without microtransactions. At the same time, the price of cars is an important element that indicates its value and rarity, and I think it is important that it is related to prices in the real world. I want GT7 to be a game in which you can enjoy many different races, it is possible to avoid a situation where a player has to play certain events mechanically once again. “

Add that “in due course, we will identify plans for additional content, additional careers, and additional features to constructively address this issue. Duel I can’t explain the details at this time, but we plan to review GT7 permanently so that all players can enjoy the game. “

One of the few positive notes of the update is the addition of new easier tests to be able to play online without having to enter to customize the background of the vehicles.

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