Gran Turismo 7 – All Tracks: How to unlock tracks, how many tracks are there and which tracks support stormy weather

Gran Turismo 7 have a lot of circuits to take advantage of it and some, like Le Mans, have the possibility of activating the stormy climate.

Gran Turismo 7 celebrates 25 years of the Polyphony Digital series and marks the return of not only a campaign, but also fan-favorite tracks such as Deep Forest Raceway and Trial Mountain.

There are many more, so here is one list of all tracks in Gran Turismo 7including the tracks on which you can run in the wet.

On this page you will find:

If you want to know more about the game, we have our Café de Gran Turismo guide.

How many tracks are there in Gran Turismo 7

As of launch date, Gran Turismo 7 has 35 different tracks, and 25 of them have alternate tracks. So you can review certain songs, even if they are not your favorites.

Some of these tracks have the possibility of activating the windy climatology, by changing their own races.

How to Unlock Tracks in Gran Turismo 7

To unlock tracks in Gran Turismo 7 you will have to overcome the Game cafe mode. Some mythical places like Le Mans are hidden at the end of the campaign.

Unrestricted, you don’t need to meet any special conditions to unlock new tracks.

In the next section, we show you which tracks are available as well as which ones have the ability to activate flood conditions.

Gran Turismo 7 – Track List: All Tracks, Layouts and Stormy Weather Details

Below you will find all the tracks of Gran Turismo 7, as well as an indication of activation or not of the flood:

Enjoy Gran Turismo 7!

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