“Graduate student TRPG” where you can experience the real daily life of graduate students is now available! Aiming for graduation by striving for research every day while suffering from mental illness

“Graduate student TRPG” is under development.An indie game that lets you experience two years of graduate school

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Mr. Hanachiru, an individual game developer, said on August 30th,A game that lets you experience the two years of the master’s course (master’s course)“Graduate Student TRPG”ofannounced that it is under developmentdeath,PV of this work releaseddid.

“Graduate Student TRPG”teethSpend two years as a graduate student and aim for graduationIt’s a work. Players choose their own daily actions and proceed with research at graduate school.

Research, conference presentations, internships, job hunting, master’s theses, etc., Daily activities are not always pleasant days. It is said that if there are people who drop out of school, there are many who become mentally ill or disappear.In the second half of the trailer, as the development of suspense style is drawn, in the gameVarious events to prevent graduationIt seems to be done.

As the title of this work bears the word TRPG, which is reminiscent of a tabletop RPG, the game is related to TRPG, such as rolling dice, the concept of spirit (SAN value), and going mad. elements are included. In addition to madness, the character’s parameters areVarious diseases and abnormal conditions such as sleep deprivation and alcohol poisoning appeardo.

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What is this hell experience type attraction

Why is blood flowing in a graduate student TRPG!?

↑At least one person in each generation falls over and bumps themselves, slams their fist into the PC monitor, gets stomach pains from stress, is hospitalized with hemorrhoids, or is bitten by an animal, right?

To be honest, I’m looking forward to it

I remember the destructive power of “I’m sorry for asking an amateur question…”

I wonder if there is a figure of a master of science doing job hunting, or a senior sleeping in the laboratory (not taking a bath)
A doctoral program would be dangerous
Like a village of 100 professors, the ending ended up being a disappointing branch…

? ? ? “If you have time to do this, read at least one previous research paper.”

I wonder if I can get a master’s degree in this game.

This is funny lol
And quite realistic lol

If I do this, my stress tolerance is too low and I’m likely to develop real depression
The life of a graduate student is too dark
Yaruo In front of PC Surprise Big eyes

This is unless you set an age limit of 18 years or older…
Children may be adversely affected in the future
Husband who doesn't do Guess face counter

Disadvantages Negative Advantages Negative

Release date: 2022-09-01
Manufacturer: Shufunotomosha
Category: Books
Sales Rank: 10
See details at Amazon.co.jp

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Release date: 2022-09-09
Category: Books
Sales Rank: 1
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