Google is withdrawing much of its support for Stadia, while focusing on selling technology to third parties

Google has decided to withdraw most of its consumer efforts from Stadia to focus on selling its technology to other companies, according to reports. Business Intern.

According to the article published by the North American, the company no longer has the streaming video game platform as a priority in its business plans, and although it has an interest in ensuring the arrival of major first-party titles for feed his library. Apparently only 20% of the Stadia team works on the consumer platform, focusing the rest on tech sales to third parties as a white label has changed its name (Google Stream).

Among these third parties is, for example, Capcom, which will use Stadia’s streaming technology to offer demos of its title via its own web page. Another company that was in negotiations with Google to sign a similar deal was Bungie, although inside sources point out that at this time it’s unclear how Sony’s purchase of Bungie will affect this deal, if at all. is finally exhausted.

It’s another key in the wake of a platform that hasn’t been able to launch since its 2019 launch. Google to close its internal studies of video game development for Stadia after just four months, in February 2021. Soon after, the first information began to emerge as it turned out that Stadia had hundreds of thousands of users. monthly below the targets that Google had set.

Throughout the rest of the year, new launches began to take off, and with them also corporate support. Currently, among the major sectors, only Ubisoft continues to publish its games on the streaming platform. In a statement, the Mountain View company confirmed that it “continues to be focused on bringing great games to the stadium in 2022”, with plans that the current catalog of two hundred titles is much the same this year, but the future is not pinta halagüeño y el camino hacia google graveyard seems to come closer every time.

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