[Good news]”Senki Zessho Symphogear” new project to start! Here we come!

■ From Twitter

Symphogear new project started! ! ! ?

Is Symphogear still going on?

what more do i do…

Are you going to do anime again?

As expected, it doesn’t seem to be the 6th season

Come Symphogear theatrical version

I’m honestly happy to start a new project, but I think the next hurdle is high because the story is beautifully summarized on a large scale on XV and XD (´・ω・`)

If Symphogear’s new work is an anime, it will be tough to do a sequel, so I wonder if it will be a prequel or an app.

・ Pure sequel
・ Symphogear Zero (Fine era)
・And 100 years later…
What are the candidates so far?

I hope this is serious…
I’ll be waiting patiently

Whoa!I don’t know what’s coming
As expected, if this is the way to announce it, it should be the 6th season or the movie version! ?
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I’m looking forward to the next report
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