[Good news]Remastered version “Saga Frontier 2” will be announced soon! ? Overseas online stores are falling apart wwwwww

Leak: “Saga Frontier 2 Remastered” for PS4 / Switch is on sale

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Online retailer PlayAsia has posted the PS4/Nintendo Switch version of “Saga Frontier 2 Remastered”. Although it has not been officially announced yet, the sales page already has a shipping date of August 25, 2022.

This work was released as a title for PlayStation on April 1, 1999. Last year, the previous work “Saga Frontier” was remastered and released for PS4 / Switch / PC / Android.

The package image is a “preliminary photo” that is different from the actual product.is.

■ PS4 version

■ Switch version

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Are you serious! ?

I’m happy because 2 is personally the best in the Saga Frontier series

i still have the ps1 disc

For Xbox? ? ?

I can’t wait to see what the HD version will look like

I will buy it when it comes out.The only game that I could enjoy without interruption until clearing

It’s really good that the Saga Frontier 2 remaster may be coming soon! ?
I have no choice but to buy this oh oh oh!

The remaster of Sagaflo 1 came out in April last year, so it wouldn’t be strange for it to come soon.
There may be an official announcement from Square Enix in the near future.
Husband who doesn't do it Gufufufu

Ultimate Hits Saga Frontier 2

Release date: 2006-07-20
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Category: Video games
Sales Rank: 11947
See details at

Steam Saga Frontier Remastered PC version

Release date:
A maker: Generic product
Category: Toys
Sales rank:
See details at

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