[Good news]PS5 will win big in the UK

UK: Best-selling console of 2022 thanks to 56% improvement in PS5 inventory in August

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It turns out that PlayStation 5 became the best-selling game console in 2022 in the UK. The improvement in the stock situation of PS5, which was in short supply, contributed greatly, and it was found that 56% more PS5 were shipped in August compared to the previous month.

Since the beginning of the year, Xbox Series X / S has exceeded PS5 in terms of sales,It was all due to PS5 shortages..

Stocks of the PS5 have increased in recent times, surpassing not only the Xbox but also the Nintendo Switch, making it the year’s best-seller in the UK.

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Increase your inventory! Oops!

PS5 was still amazing

Well of course.Up until now, everyone had no choice but to buy an Xbox or Switch.

Still not enough to solve the shortage

Ohhhh! PS5 seems to be the best seller in the UK this year!
After all, it’s just that the inventory is low, but it’s proved that it’s a hegemony hardware!
Yaruo round and round dance smile

In addition, it seems that it is still not possible to buy it at all in Japan, and the price increase is astonishing …
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