[Good news]PS5, prospects for increased supply! !

Sony Expects to Increase PS5 Supply Units for Holiday Sales – IGN

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In its earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal 2022, SonyIt has been revealed that it is expected to increase the number of PS5 supplies for the holiday season at the end of the year.

“We will advance the supply schedule ahead of the year-end sales season.”And I am suffering from the speech manuscript of the financial statement.

In the current period, the total game play time of PlayStation users and the same period last year decreased by 15%. Sony analyzes that this is due to the increased opportunities to go out due to the reduction of corona infections.

As a reason for increasing the number of PS5 supplies, Sony“Recovery from the impact of lockdown in Shanghai and significant improvement in parts supply”is mentioned.

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Oh, niceI hope this will reach as many people as possible


let me buy

Probably impossible (prediction).At least we can’t put that number in Japan


I still can’t buy increase, increase?Sony’s overseas focus

Retail stores are also selling it in a palliative way, so please sell it only at the SONY Store.

More, resellers will only be activated

Are you in your third year?If you notice that you can’t buy it outside of the lottery, it will be on PS6

resale …..

I mean, until when will the lottery be sold?

I said that last year, but it didn’t increase.

Wake me up when the PS6 comes out

please, sony

Mass supply of PS5 is coming!
There is no doubt that the PS5 will sell out at the end of this year!
Yaruo runs round and round

Shop: “The supply has increased, so it looks like we don’t have to sell by lottery ^^”

I can’t buy it after all because the reseller buys it up

It won’t be like…?
Husband who doesn't do it, denial, sweat

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