[Good news]PlayStation’s strongest exclusive title “Gran Turismo” finally advances to PC

Polyphony Digital is ‘considering’ a PC version of Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo PC version review Images related to PlayStation-02

Overseas site GTPlanet interviewed Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi at the “Gran Turismo” 25th anniversary event held in Monaco.

PlayStation Studios has been pushing PC titles lately, but Polyphony Digital is also coming.Is there any possibility of porting the “Gran Turismo” series to PC? When I asked Mr. Yamauchi, he revealed that he was thinking about it.

“Gran Turismo is a very finely tuned title. There aren’t many platforms that can run the game in native 4K/60fps, so one way to make this work is by narrowing down the platform. With such a simple theme No.But of course we are investigating and considering it (PC port)

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It was in the NVIDIA leak and the PC version is coming! !

almost certain

I’m happy about the port, but there are other more interesting titles on PC.

If you’re making fine adjustments on PS5, put on a ray training even during the race lol

My dream is to play this with the strongest PCVR

that? Why did I buy a PS5?

I’m generally happy with the PC port because I can reuse the Hankon for PC.

I’m also considering going to PC! ?
Is the time finally coming when you can play Gran Turismo on your PC?! ?
Yaruo PC pounding

Umm… you don’t need a PS5 anymore, do you? ? ?
Husband who doesn't do it

Husband who does Husband who doesn't strangle

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