[Good news]Grabo, which is essential for PC games, seems to have dropped in price due to global shortage

Overseas media Verge: GPU shortage resolved

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The shortage of GPUs has been a problem for the past two years, but it seems that it has finally been resolved.

It turns out that popular graphics cards such as the RTX3070, RX6750XT, 6900XT, and 6950XT can now be purchased at a fixed price on the website of the mass retailer Best Buy. The overseas media The Verge reports that “the shortage has been resolved.”

Even in the second-hand market, the price of various GPUs has fallen to the list price. For example, the RTX3080 was sold at around $700 (about 95,000 yen), and the 6900XT was about $300 (about 40,000 yen) cheaper than the retail price.

Looking at the transition of the GPU sales price on the auction site, it can be seen that the price has begun to fall at once in the last few months.

RTX3080: Sales price transition on the auction site
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The lack of semiconductors has gradually been resolved, and the virtual currency market has collapsed.

Thank you for the Bitcoin crash!

Justice will prevail!

Certainly the RTX3000 series has become easier to obtain

The shortage of PS5 is resolved yet?

Is there resistance to buying a used GPU at a fixed price?I just have to welcome the return to normal prices

go down more yeah yeah

With some exceptions, it seems that Japan’s glove has become considerably cheaper.
RTX3060 also came out in the 50,000 yen range, depending on the item

If only the weaker yen could manage…
Husband who does Husband who does not

Seriously, even if the price drops overseas, it will still be a luxury item in Japan…

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