[Good news]Burnham’s new MMORPG “Blue Protocol” was alive! “Continuing development”, the official Twitter updated for the first time in a year!Follow-up to be published soon

from Twitter

Regarding BLUE PROTOCOL, we are still continuing development toward the service release. We are sorry to keep you waiting, but we are preparing to announce the next development next week, so please wait for the follow-up report.

Did you survive? ! !

are you dreaming

I’ll wait as long as you want, so please give me some information.

I’ve been waiting! ! ! ! ! ! !

You’ve been waiting too long! ! ! Great move! ! ! !

Uooo oh oh! ! ! ! !
I’m touched just by reporting that I’m alive

I haven’t finished development, but I’m going to have a live broadcast of my story! ?
The ○ Tower, which was advertised as an anime-style MMORPG, was a disappointing billing game, so the stock of Bull Pro has risen without permission. I’m looking forward to it.

Well, it was still in development.
The hurdles keep rising……..

I didn’t hear anything from you for a year, so I thought it was all over.
I’m planning to do it even if it’s a monthly system, so please do your best in development…! Looking forward to more news!

It’s been another year since I made a new PC for this

i completely forgot
At the time of release, if it does not evolve further, it will be left behind in the times! !

The official of the blue protocol that has completely disappeared is tweeting! ?
Development continued properly ah ah ah ah!
Yaruo runs round and round

The closed beta was done in April 2020, and the release date was not announced yet…
A lot of people were looking forward to it, so I hope it turns out to be a good game.
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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