[Good news]A major Gravo maker will implement a significant price reduction for Gravo from September, or it will be even cheaper than now!

Rumor: AMD and NVIDIA Partners Preparing Bigger Price Cuts for GPUs in September

NVIDIA AMD Gravo GPU Price Cut Significant September Price Revision Cryptocurrency 3080 4000 Image related to campaign-02

According to the article

・AMD and NVIDIAGetting ready to cut GPU prices

・According to Mr. MyDrivers, who is familiar with the industry situation in Taiwan,Although there have been price cuts recently, it was not possible to reduce the inventory as much as expected.Apparently.Therefore, both companiesMore Merciless Price Cuts and Promotions in Septemberseems to

・”Graphic card manufacturers (mainly NVIDIA and AMD products) will make new price revisions from September.This price revision will be a price cut that far surpasses past prices.would,” MyDrivers wrote.

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good kana

I just ordered a GPU, let’s wait

Wasn’t the cryptocurrency people buying it?smile

If you give me half the price, I will jump on it

Some places still sell for over priced

4080/4090 is good! !

This is great news for gamers!
I don’t mind if you lower the price more and more
Yaruo In front of the PC Laughter

Is it a price cut while there are many people who are thinking about moving to PC with the PS5 price increase?
Well, it’s still too expensive.
Husband who does not think

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