Gone Astray In the Highlands Guide de request

There are a number of optional side missions in this game that provide different rewards. Many of these requests are part of ongoing lines of research that continue throughout history. A menudo progresarán a medida que llegue a nuevas áreas, y esta solicitud es una de ellas. Aquí está as a complete application for Gone Astray in the Highlands in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Gone Astray In the Highlands Guía de request

Zeke’s sister, Wanda, is lost again and she will ask you to help her after she arrived in the Coronet Highlands and completed her request earlier in the Cobalt Coastlands. El juego te dirá que montes a Ursaluna y brug sus sentidos para encontrar la ubicación de Wanda once again, but lo tenemos aquí para ahorrarte algunos problemas.

Aquí está el lugar exacta en el mapa donde contramos a Wanda para la request fra Gone Astray in the Highlands:

Pokemon Legends Arceus Gone Astray on a map of Tierras Altas

In this third request from Gone Astray, Wanda is located in the Lonely Spring area of ​​the Coronet Highlands, directly east of the Mountain Camp. Cross the same river you had to cross to set up this camp and look for the edge of the cliff on the right. Wanda will be en una ledge en un lugar al que se puede llegar desde arriba de la manera que explained, or desde abajo mens monta a Sneasler para escalar la pared rocasa.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Gone Astray en la ubicación de las Tierras Altas

Ya conoces el ejercicio. Return to Galaxy Team HQ and talk to Zeke for a reward. This time you get two Star Pieces to find Wanda.

That’s all you need to know about as a complete application for Gone Astray in the Highlands in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Be sure to consult our in-game wiki guide to find more tips, tricks, and other useful information about applications as you explore the region of Hisui.

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