[God game]”God of War Ragnarok” achieved sales of 5.1 million copies in about 4 days after its release! ! The fastest record ever as a PlayStation first party work!

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PS4/PS5 “God of War Ragnarok” achieves sales of 5.1 million units in the first week of release

Fastest ever record for PlayStation’s first party title

Yaba lol

Yaba… Pokemon is amazing, but this one is amazing too

5.1 million in the first week! ? ! ?
Thank you for the God game

Pokemon has sold 10 million copies.
The development costs are probably higher here, but the advertising costs for Pokemon seem to be overwhelmingly high…

This one is amazing too. I can’t believe a game featuring a bald and muscular father can sell so much… w

From now on, I want you to release many PS first titles and make them more exciting than PS4

As expected of a god game

GOWR’s first week’s 5.1 million hit Kitaaaaaaaaaa!
This is a genuine god game ah ah ah ah!
PlayStation strongest! PlayStation strongest!
Yaruo good morning upper body banzai

God of War, which has been postponed repeatedly but finished with satisfactory quality,
The graphics and performance are still terrible, but the Pokemon that prioritizes the release date,
Both are big hits, but what is the correct answer?
Husband who doesn't do cigarettes

[PS4]God of War Ragnarok[CERO Rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-11-09
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Price: 5549
Category: Video Games
Sales rank: 214
See details at

[PS5]God of War Ragnarok[CERO rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-11-09
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Price: 7109
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 107
See details at


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