[God game confirmed]Sukueni Yoshida P mentions QTE of “FF16”! “QTEs are just for the start.

Final Fantasy XVI Naoki Yoshida Interview: Ifrit Is The Main Eikon Because We Felt Sorry For Him


According to the article

・Naoki Yoshida did a press interview about FF16.

-Hereafter, solely the QTE half is excerpted

・In the demo, there have been fairly a number of QTEs throughout boss battles, however Mr. Yoshida stated,“As we progress through the game and players get used to the battle system and the speed and tempo of the game, we’ll be removing those QTEs. So it’s not like we’re going to keep using them in the game forever.”defined.

・The developer factors out that QTE shouldn’t be typically utilized in video games on account of its unfavorable picture, however he believes that QTE is critical for video games.I used QTEs right here to make the sport simpler to grasp within the early boss fightssample.

・About summoned beast battle,“Before the Ifrit vs. Garuda match, there may be the Clive vs. Garuda combat, and if you’re carrying equipment, it is going to be a straightforward combat, however if you’re not carrying equipment, it is going to be very troublesome. It’s very irritating if you die immediately in battle and have to return again once more.”stated.

·Moreover,“Having QTEs makes battles a little more familiar for many players and gives them time to relax. Like a roller coaster with ups and downs, it gives battles a good balance and flow. I think QTE can help us achieve that.”and

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