[God game confirmed]Open world RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” within the Harry Potter world, it seems that apart from having the ability to experience a brush, you may at all times take out ◯◯ from the magic bag and transfer comfortably on land and air! !

hogwarts legacy,
Besides having the ability to experience a brush, it is like Newt’s trunk
Take out the hippogriff from the magic bag at any time
It’s very nice to have the ability to transfer comfortably on each land and air.

Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition[Accessible 3 days earlier than the regular version][Reservation bonus]DLC Onyx Hippogriff car included[Limited edition included]DLC Dark Magic Pack (Dark Magic Ornament Set & Dark Arts Battle Arena & Thestral Vehicle) – PS5
WB Games(2023-02-07T00:00:01Z)
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Hogwarts Legacy[Reservation Bonus]DLC Onyx Hippogriff Vehicle Included – PS5
WB Games(2023-02-10T00:00:01Z)
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Hogwarts Legacy[Reservation privilege]DLC Onyx Hippogriff car included-PS4
WB Games(2023-04-04T00:00:01Z)
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It’s actually the most effective…
It’s a small element, however simply by including this movement
I believe the character of this recreation shines

good…! ! !

○ It’s a chem get.

Will there be an evening bus and a flying automobile?

I do not know Harry Potter, however I’ve a sense that it is a god recreation.

If Harry Potter has an issue
Anti-personnel assault magic solely disarms and paralyzes
There isn’t any offensive magic that’s not prohibited
On the opposite hand, apart from that, it is a dasoku class…

99% of mankind is distracted by the hippogriff that comes out with Nururi,
You do not discover the change in forged shadows on the tree on the left
In the using state or the change of the digital camera because of using
Is the forged shadow distance modified?


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