“Girls und Panzer final chapter” Episode 4 announced to be released in 2023! ! A teaser PV has also been released!

■ From Twitter

Episode 4 has finally been announced ━(゚∀゚)━!

Here we come

When in 2023! ?

However, the content of the announcement, is it only “2023”?

Hey Mika, look at me ☺️

If Key Biju is this, does that mean that both semi-final games will be settled in episode 4?

If the finals were continuation VS Kuromorimine with this… I’d like to see that…

As expected, the final will be revenge on Dar-sama.
The strongest opponent who has lost 2 games and 2 games including special games.

Show me your revenge match in the final against Gloriana

At this pace, it will be completed in 2025

It’s cheating that the legendary white reaper is sniping with a tank
It’s over, there’s no way I can win
Oarai’s absence has been confirmed for the final Thank you very much
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well that’s a joke
I wonder who will win, Kuromorimine or Gloriana.
Honestly, I want to see both patterns in the final…
Husband who does not think

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