Get Dungeons 2 for free on Humble Bundle

La tienda de Humble bundle y Calypso Media Digital here is another free game for all users. This is the second part of the Dungeons series, a title inspired by the acclaimed Dungeon Keeper.

Para hacernos con el código de Dungeons 2tendremos que ir a la tienda de Humble Bundle y adquirorlo gratuitamento.

The code is for Steam and the game has voices and texts in Spanish. Sin lugar a dudas, un juego que no debes dejar escapar.

Dungeons 2 It is a mezcla of Dungeon Keeper and a game estilo RTS, allows to manage a dungeon, create soldiers, hospitals, tresorerías, workshops, locador trapas and conseguir resources, but also a minimum control of the individual tropas. In another way, an RTS where the management of buildings is a ser algo secondary and more important nuestro plan of the attack, trying to find vulnerabilities in the enemies and carrying out missions.

Dungeons 2 free

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