Genshin Impact Yelan Materials and Plantings

Would you like to start growing materials from Yelan before you get to Genshin update 2.7? Then you are in the right place. If we still have a long way to go before Yelan makes his debut, all the materials he needs are available right now, including a shot from Chasm’s new boss, Ruin Serpent.

This guide will list all of Yelan’s materials and the best places to find them. It also covers what you need to increase Yelan’s talents and the best domains to find his talent enhancement elements.

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Genshin Impact Yelan materials

This is what you need to get up to level with Yelan.



20 1 Varunada Lazurite Sliver, 3 Starconch, 3 Insignia de recluta, 20k Mora
40 3 Fragment of lazurita from Varunada, 2 Simple clams, 10 Starred caracola, 15 Recruitment badge, 40k Mora
50 6 fragments of Varunadas lazurita, 4 simple shells, 10 star shells, 12 sergeant characters, 60k Mora
60 3 Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 6 Runic Fang, 30 Starcoch, 18 Sargent’s Insignia, 80k Mora
70 6 Varunada lazurite whales, 12 common beetles, 45 constellations, 12 lieutenant signs, 100k Mora
80 6 Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 20 Runic Fang, 60 Starconch, 24 Lieutenant’s Gemstone, 120k Mora

If you want to unpack, it translates to:

  • 25 Varunada Lazurita
  • 168 caracol star
  • 18 badges of recruitment, 30 badges of sergeant, 36 badges of lieutenant
  • 46 Colmillo Reliquia
  • 420,000 moras

You will also need 421 Hero’s Wit for the necessary experience, so plan on cultivating many Blossoms of Revelation. Also, make sure to take advantage of any law overflow event.

Yelan talent materials

This is what it takes for the talents in Yelan if you want to update them to level 10. Without hesitation, as always, we do not recommend investing in all the talents. Aside from the rarity of Crowns of Insight, it is better to tailor your material costs to a design that adapts to your playing style.

Talent level


2 3 prosperity lessons, 6 recruitment signs, 12.5k Mora
3 2 Guide of Prosperity, 3 Insignia of Sargento, 17.5k Mora
4 4 Prosperity Guide, 4 Sergeant Badges, 25k Mora
5 6 Prosperity Guide, 6 Sergeant Badges, 30k Mora
6 9 Prosperity Guide, 9 Sergeant’s Insignia, 37.5k Mora
7 4 Wealth Philosophy, 4 Lieutenant Signs, 1 Golden Weight, 120k Mora
8 6 philosophy of prosperity, 6 signs of lieutenant, 1 golden weight, 260k Mora
9 12 philosophies of prosperity, 9 signs of lieutenant, 2 golden scale, 450k Mora
10 16 philosophies of prosperity, 12 signs of lieutenant, 2 golden shields, 1 crown of insight, 700k Mora

Where to grow Yelan materials

It has Oceanid in Liyue and Hydro Hypostasis in Inazuma. These bosses are based on the illusion of water and high-speed Hydro attacks, so you see with at least one person capable of generating scams. Electro and Cryo are ideal elements to meet the odds.

These cans of fatui means, scattered by the three regions in a small number. View the interactive map of Genshin Impact to find specific locations.

Chief Ruin Serpent of The Chasm sued them. Plan to shoot often if you want all the way up to Yelan.

These Liyue specialties are found only in the middle circle of the coast south of the Dragonspine and lean back to the east coast of the Guili Plains, ending in the Guyun Stone Forest.

  • Prosperity Articles

Books from the Prosperity series only arrive at the Taishan Mansion in Liyue on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. Consider using condensed resin to get the most rewards in each race.

These are incredibly rare. You can get some improvements to the trees at Dragonspine and Grand Narukami Shrine, but the most reliable way is to attend events, provided you include the Crown of Insight as a reward.

It can be compensated for any amount of work, but if you want to grow it in larger amounts, complete the Leyline of Wealth puzzles (the golden bursts on the map) and use Condensed Resin to increase the amount you earn each time.

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