Geneforge 1 – Mutágeno – Tips and tricks to get started

Before you play the Geneforge 1 game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, please share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • Mechanics are a very important skill, not only for opening locks and manipulating devices, but also for detonating explosives and traps. This investment (5+) in Liderazgo also makes things easier, and a little luck also helps.
  • If you play with a Shaper, Intelligence is incredibly useful, and you will probably invest most (and then all) of your skill points.
  • Having 10 or more PAs allows you to trade twice in a row, making the effects of celery seem quite valuable.
  • Launching a benefit cycle like Prisa multiple times also prolongs its duration, though it has no effect.
  • However, if creations can be upgraded, it is more effective to simply absorb them and create new ones in a way that enhances your modeling skills. Be sure to give all creations at least 2 intelligences at the time of their creation.
  • Items that have already fallen to the floor or are placed in a container remain there forever so you can make a secret near the entrance to any city you want to use to rest.
  • Entering combat mode allows you to cover the ground “faster”, which is useful, for example, when crossing mosaics of damage, or when dealing with small places that have enemies to recapture.

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