Gen Hoshino raves about buying “Steam Deck”! “I’ve been playing Steam games for a long time now with a really good console. It’s super fun.”

Hoshino Gen Bought a Steam Deck and enjoys enjoying indie video games


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・ It appears that Mr. Gen Hoshino was speaking about buying a recreation console / Steam Deck in Nippon Broadcasting “Gen Hoshino’s All Night Nippon” broadcast on December 27, 2022.

– Below are some excerpts

Hoshino Gen-san: “Well, I used to be questioning if there was one thing occurring lately. While there are issues I am unable to say, one factor I assumed was recent.I purchased a recreation console.This.I purchased a Steam Deck. Hey guys, I purchased a Steam Deck! It’s not like I wish to (laughs).”

“I purchased a recreation console. Games are bought.Log in to the platform there, purchase the sport there, play it.Share save knowledge, and many others.There can also be a neighborhood the place you may trade opinions and consider. There’s a web site the place you may have a battle or one thing.”

“That firm additionally makes the sport itself. It’s an organization referred to as Valve. That firm put out a transportable recreation machine referred to as Steam Deck. And that is actually enjoyable. That’s why it is a high-end PC. A recreation is a giant laptop… In different phrases, a gaming laptop.It’s large, it is rugged, and it is shiny…properly, there are issues that do not shine.A recreation that is performed on a gaming laptop is named Steam Deck. It’s a little bit larger than the Switch, perhaps a little bit smaller than the Wii U distant management?

“There was a pre-release reputation before the release that it would be impossible to play a game on a big PC, but it was very well received overseas. Also, I want it for the time being. So I said, “Let’s make a reservation,” and it arrived on the day of its arrival, or rather, the release date that you can buy it in Japan. That’s how I started playing, and it was a really good game machine. You’ve been playing Steam games for a long time now. When I have time. “

“And this interface is also amazing. What can I say? The comfort level is a bit amazing. Somehow, I have a personal computer. I’m in an environment where I can play high-end games. Well, After all, computers are so big that you can’t carry them around, and if you’re using a high-end computer, you have to play high-end games. I don’t know what it is.”

“But Steam Deck can do this too. There are a whole lot of superb masterpieces in Steam. Also, when I’m composing and really feel a bit caught, I can use the Steam Deck to alter issues up a bit, so it is tremendous enjoyable.”

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