Geforce Now is the big rival of Stadia and you can play throughout your library wherever you want

Nvidia in official form for the whole world Geforce nuits streaming game system that can be used on PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield or any Android device.

Geforce Now has two flights, one free and another for payment. Free access to one hour sessions (you can come back once in a while, there is no limit) and you can manage to get in if the demand is very high. On the other hand, allowing the payment, has priority sessions of up to six hours and accounts with graphical support with RAY TRACING.

The official launch of the service comes with one first offer of € 5.49 per. month throughout 2020 and for a limited period. In addition, we have one 90 day free trial.

How does Geforce Now work?

GeForce NOW instantly transforms almost any laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV or Android device into a high gamut gaming PC similar to having a 2080 TI with the one you’ve always dreamed of. Play the most demanding PC games instantly and seamlessly on all your devices.

It will be necessary to connect the service with the account on, Epic Games Store, Steam island Uplay to be able to enjoy the game that we have previously purchased on any of these platforms. As an exception, we have ORIGINThe EA platform, which appears to be working on its own streaming service, does not allow it to connect to Geforce Now.

The first thing we need to do is download the Geforce Now application to the device where we are going to use it. In fact, we tend to see if the game we want to play is compatible with Geforce Now, this is done simply by putting the game in the application finder and it seems to be compatible.

Geforce nu

We keep pressing the play button, and if you enter the free mode, it’s safest to get a window with cola. When the score reaches zero, we tend to start the section on the platform where we bought the game, for example Steam. As a negative point, add that it will send us to the side of the game, but we have the opportunity to buy it, even though in fact we already have it. To be able to start the game, we usually go to the library and select the game from here. An installation process that takes a few seconds opens and we can start playing.

Gforce Now cola

The gaming experience is very good and the input delay is always invaluable and when we play games for a single player, for multiplayer I do not recommend it much. Without a doubt, it’s great to play with The Witcher 3 or any other game that will require significant graphics power.

This must be taken into account in order for everything to work smoothly a connection of 15 MB / s is recommended for a resolution of 720p for 60 frames per second. second and 25 MB / s for a resolution of 1080p for 60 photos per second. second.

We can play with keyboard and mouse, as well as with command. To use it from mobile, Android Tablet or TV must have a compatible command. I give you a list of them;

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