Gedo “A popular artist will deliver a drawing wow! Let’s use AI to complete it first w” → Super embarrassing development…

■ From Twitter

The picture on the left is drawn by AI and the picture on the right is drawn by a popular artist
Gedo Scum Painter Distribution Illustration Screenshot AI Completion Pakuri Image related to claims-02

so wicked i cried


Spicy… I’d be heartbroken if I got hit… this…

It’s simple and outlandish…
If you do that, the drawing distribution will disappear ;w;

Wow… unimaginable shit.
don’t come up with

It’s too strong to poke at the person who originally drew it, “I’m faster at posting.”

After all, you’re a monster who wants to show off

In an era when painters can’t raise their progress carelessly…
I’m afraid other antis will start to imitate…

Usage of AI is too oblique to expectations

AI continues to make progress, but the people who use it never make progress. This world is really interesting.

feel like a human

Why does this cunning work? I mean, where did you leave your ethics?

If you’re so resourceful, put that talent to good use…

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