Gauntlet: Dark Legacy: consejos y trucos para empezar

Antes de jugar el Juego Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. If you need it, there are no friends who are with others!

Cosas que debe saber antes de jugar

  • No one uses ranged solo attacks, where you can find a large enemy and another time, and you can realize combos that eliminate a large candidate for enemies.
  • Use the D-Pad to activate any magic item that has been collected (I believe only in the Xbox and Game Cube versions).
  • The use of turbo attacks can eliminate a large amount of enemies, but when playing with multiple people, they recharge quickly enough to kill almost any large group of enemies, so it is possible that you will want to ban their use in smaller enemies . .
  • You can use a potion in three ways: press the magic button to explode around you, hold it to fire the potion as a grenade, and tap it twice to use it as a shield.
  • Need more golden fangs/feathers/garras de los que puedes obtener de una carrera through cada nivel, remember which levels have more than one.
  • La única forma de reponer tu salud es con comida, ya hav encontrándola or comprándola entre áreas. La carne te da más salud por oro que las cerezas y nunca esperes estar en plena salud.
  • Mira lo que sale de un cofre cuando lo abres, es posible que tengas que huir de una trapa o dejar comida para un player con HP bajo.
  • A scene before an area that does not present a new type of enemy shows the location of a legendary object. Each legendary element, once obtained, funcionará una vez en un specific jefe, lo que hará que la pleea sea mucha más fácil.

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