Gamigo celebrates Halloween with all its games

Again, Halloween comes to Gamigo’s game. In the days leading up to October 31st, the most talented players can show that they are not afraid of the dark in many of the Halloween themed events.

Do not lose the rewards in Trove, Defiance 2050 or FiestaOnline, among others

During the Vision of the Shadow event, players will from Trove must complete a complicated chain of adventures. Players who connect regularly will receive special rewards. At Shadows Station, creators with a creative inclination can create extra event rewards.

In the darkest period of the year Arkfalls of Defiance 2050 will be even more depressing. The Hulker Hell event gives players the chance to win the incredible title. You can also battle the plains and try a new mastermind synergy: Monster Mash. Ironsight offers players exciting skins and new items for even more exciting games. One of the drones has been replicated with a sledgehammer, and players can use it to unlock special rewards.

In a world poorly decorated with Fiesta online, Labyrinth: Temple of Mysteries will be available where players will be able to find unique treasures. Winning players can claim a new title. More missions will teach players the true meaning of the word fear! In Aura Kingdom, a Halloween Zashi players await along with a new and exciting set.

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Halloween is also celebrated in the dark world of Last chaos. From October 22 to November 5, players can pick up empty holidays and fill them with curious caramel. In addition, special Halloween coins can be exchanged for items that I dread talking to Abraxas, the Demon Knight.

From October 28 to 30, Community Managers are off Grand Fantasia has arranged special events for the players. Disguised in the form of the most horrible monster, they will hide the players who forgot to put their disguised winners.

Zombis hambrientos pursues the battlefields of PvP Shaiya. From October 25, fearless warriors can take up the fight with their infernal companion Oogie and fight the iconic world leader Polly with their Halloween-themed weapons.

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