Gamigo acquires Trion Worlds and leaves more employees

Updated October 23rd

Gamigo sends a press release confirming the action. The journalist says the following:

gamigo AG (“gamigo Bond” WKN: A2NBH2 / ISIN: SE0011614445) has acquired important activities from Trion Worlds Inc with offices in Redwood City (California) and Austin (Texas) and with games such as Rift, Defiance, Trove and ArcheAge in the shopping cart. Trion acquired it through a “shareholder benefit” process, where the buyer only buys these assets with those who want to continue the business. In this process, the gamigo group acquired most of the activities, including the platform, took responsibility for the employees being able to manage the company and obtained all the publishing rights to the games. The intellectual property rights to Trion Worlds games are acquired by gamigo’s sister company, Padmapani GmbH, and are available to the gamigo group, globally and exclusively.

“The successful acquisition and subsequent integration of Trion into our portfolio significantly strengthens gamigo’s position in the European and American market for azar games. On the one hand, we are adding similar and successful brands and games to the already large gamigo card, and on the other hand, we are seeking to unleash significant synergies with the group’s existing businesses to take advantage of the remarkable growth potential that the gaming market offers. , comments Remco Westermann, CEO of gamigo.

With the acquisition of Trion, the gamigo direction expects additional revenue of more than $ 18 million and an additional EBITDA of between $ 1 and $ 4 million for 2019. This estimate depends on the success of Trion’s restructuring and integration. basa primarily in possible economies of scale and synergies. The exploitation of economies of scale and synergies is an elementary part of gamigo’s strategy and has been demonstrated on several occasions in previous acquisitions.

Original news

It tells several sources Trion worlds is acquired by the editor of free games Gamigoand that the developer of Rift, Trove, Archea Age y Defiance has laid off several employees as part of the transition.

An official statement was released today in Discord by the leader of the Linda Community.BrasseCarlson, where he announced the sale of Trion Worlds to Gamigo. Later, another message was also posted on the Rift forums to calm the atmosphere.

Discord Carlson

In the forums, it was confirmed that “there has been a transaction involving Trion Worlds and its games” and that some staff members “will not take the trip”. As it was looking ahead, he declared that “the games will continue in our hands to continue progress”, while thanking the players for their continued support.

A source confirmed to Gamasutra that the layoffs affected “the vast majority” of employees of Trion’s students in Redwood City, California and Austin, Texas, and that Trion contacted several 200 employees so far. The Gamasutra source states that “only about 25 employees will have the opportunity to continue with the study«.

While this is sad news for all the employees who are unemployed, it is something that is seen to come. The trio’s numbers on how many players on Steam are by no means exceptional with the exception of Trove que counts an average of 4,408 concurrent players per. It should also be added that many of the games can be enjoyed from their own launcher because the base of players could be much larger. Still, it is a data to be considered.

The new launch of Defiance 2050 has been a complete mess. It has 389 average players. Archeage on Steam only counts with players, but we know its hurricane is with Trion’s own launcher. Moreover, this game only survives the relaunch of Fresh Servers, something really regrettable.

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