GameStop, a significant abroad recreation store, cries that nobody will come anymore … Layoffs began because of the affect

‘No one is available in anymore’: GameStop supervisor shares what working on the retailer is like, says firm has began layoffs


According to the article

・A sure GameStop retailer supervisor revealed the within of the shop and mentioned that the corporate had began layoffs.

@redsonjattv Other #gamestopemployees, its been a privilege. I suppose im taking place with the ship #retailproblems #gamestop #titanic #lesbiansoftiktok #gamer ♬ Nearer My God to Thee – I Salonisti

・In the video,“Everything is in a clearance state.”12 months,“No one is coming anymore and the company has started layoffs.”I used to be telling you.

・The firm“We are committed to transforming ourselves into a customer-focused technology company to delight gamers.”This included strengthening e-commerce.

·however,Obvious poor efficiencyturned.

・For the feedback on the above video,“GameStop is unfortunately too expensive when you can buy games cheaply on Amazon”was described.

·once more,“I want it to be a game shop, not a merchandise shop.” “I used to be able to get one new game and five used games.”There have been feedback similar to

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