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Now, in the final moments before PlayStation Plus Premium’s major subscription model is assimilated, we’re here to list and see some of the latest games that have been joined by the long-term service. See what it is PS now May 2022 the playlist takes you to your game library in the cloud.

The exact details have not yet been confirmed or confirmed, but it looks like more games will be available than those that will join the PS Now warehouse in May 2022. We will update with the confirmations to the extent they appear , but this is what we know until now.

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Latest news

According to a filter, at least 15 games will leave PS Now in May. These are said to include Sonic Forces, WWE 2K19 and No Time To Explain. This has not been confirmed at this time.

When is the launch date for PS Now, May 2022?

The date is approaching when we get the official unveiling of the PS Now games for May, but we have to wait a few more days. Generally, games change on the first Tuesday of the month; this is aimed at a revelation on May 2, with games available on May 3 if things are adjusted to their usual schedule.

PS Now forecasts for May 2022

So far, no confirmed games have been announced for PS Now’s May list, but we have some solid speculation and filters to analyze.

In general, there is a mix of titles that are a little difficult to predict, but here the filters are very useful. According to filters from a reliable source, it looks like FIFA 22, Curse of the Dead Gods and Tribes of Midgard are arriving on PS. Sony was supposed to officially unveil the new games during the week, thankfully on April 27th.

There are also rumors that many games will leave PS Now. If they are eliminated, it is likely that these games will be resumed as part of the new PS Plus service, but nothing is written in stone. These titles are expected to include Yakuza 4 and 5, Metal Gear Rising and Catherine.

What will PS Now leave behind in May 2022?

At the time of writing, we can confirm that a game will definitely stop the service: Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Definitive Edition. The last day for availability will be May 2nd.

When will PS Now and PS Plus merge?

PS Now and PS Plus will merge very soon, and this latest set of additions and deletions will be the last before the two services become part of a larger PlayStation subscription.

The new service will be launched in early May in Asian markets, until mid-June in the EU. UU. and later in June in Europe. Everyone who has a subscription to PS Now is automatically updated to the PS Plus Premium level, which is good.

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