“Games I Want to Animate” Ranking! third place: The Legend of Zelda, 2nd place: Xenoblade, 1st place…

Which recreation would you prefer to see animated?[Home version]third place “The Legend of Zelda”, 2nd place “Xenoblade”, 1st place is …

According to the article

·Anime! Anime! So, we carried out a reader survey titled “Which game would you like to see animated? (Second half of 2022)”.

・Works that haven’t but been animated or haven’t been determined to be animated had been divided into two classes: software video games and shopper video games (family video games).

[アニメ化してほしいゲームは?【家庭用編】 2022年下半期版]

1st place “Splatoon”

2nd place “Xenoblade”

third place “The Legend of Zelda”

4th place: Undertale

fifth place “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”

sixth place “Atsume Animal Crossing”

seventh place “Kingdom Hearts”

8. Minecraft

ninth place “Jack Jeanne”

tenth place “Buddy Mission BOND”

eleventh place and under are from the supply
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