Game2Give 2020 fundraising campaign

Bungie Foundation has aired its event online Game2Give, which is to raise funds for children in hospitals. The guards are already at work. With a campaign that lasts until December 13, and whose goal for this year is to $ 2 million recaudados.

Game2Give is an international solidarity event offering exclusive rewards and live experiences for millions of Destiny fans. In addition, the Bungie Foundation is affiliated Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to support the most vulnerable.

Guardians who will help You can sign up here and host their own Destiny 2 directives until December 13th. In Spain, TheWildGamer, Daykyri, Alexcunha666 e Iso Destiny already attending the event. You can see the schedule for their releases here.

The generosity of the guards will be these prices:

  • A $ 25 donation is available emblem Flores de la niebla 2019 y la Unique “golden” spectacle cover.
  • A donation of $ 50 will cover the previous items, in addition to the new one emblem Custodios de la Luz.
  • A donation of $ 100 gives the previous one more item on the list. Bungie Rewards. Rewards include Destiny 2: More Out of Light Deluxe digital editions and Destiny 2: More Out of Light physical editions.

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Game2Give 2020

Game2Give 2020

Game2Give 2020

Bungie is also associated with Omaze, the online platform to raise money. This will give guardians around the world the opportunity to win $ 20,000 to create the definitive players association and support the Game2Give campaign.

The Bungie Foundation greatly appreciates the guardians’ solidarity with a spirit that brings joy, fun and hope to prosperity from all corners of the world:

We are the guardians of light

Those who do not carry the call of hope before uncertainty

Those united in their global passion protect the needy

Those who leave a lasting eye on the best of the world

We are the guardians of light

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