Game author “The actual motive why arcades have declined will not be as a result of you possibly can play video games at house, however as a result of the producer has grow to be ◯◯◯◯”

The motive for the decline of the arcade
It’s too simplistic to say, “Because I can play games at home.”
It’s been round for almost 30 years because the Famicom got here out.

“A producer who thought that arcades had no future
Because I ended making video games (as a result of I ended placing effort into it).”
That’s big.
There is a large quantity of supplementary info behind it.

Game Center CX DVD-BOX19 [DVD]
Arino Shinya (Performer)(2022-12-16T00:00:01Z)
3.9 out of 5 stars

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As a former arcade byte
・Higher value of cupboards →Do not enter small shops
・Regulations after 6:00 p.m. are too strict → Customers are leaving

Because it smells like cigarettes and is soiled

consumption tax.
Even if the tax price rises,
It was nearly unimaginable to extend the value along side that.
As the tax price will increase, the revenue margin decreases.
A coin machine that makes it straightforward to regulate the value,
I’m wondering if now we have no alternative however to deal with crane machines, that are straightforward to regulate revenue margins.

Since 1980, I’ve been immersed in arcades,
Even if a house online game machine got here out, it was “the cutting edge is a game arcade”
I did not cease going to arcades.
Around Dreamcast and PS2,
I really feel that house online game consoles have caught up with arcades.
Since then, I ended going to arcades.

What is a recreation middle?
You spend 1,000 to 2,000 yen a day, proper?
That’s some huge cash for elementary and center college college students.
If you watch the childhood story of the creator of High Score Girl
I believe, “Where is this guy rich??”

There are too many video games that no inexperienced persons are allowed to go to.
Fighting objects are immediately killed. Fighting match is much more instantaneous kill. I am unable to sustain with the sound recreation.
I do not really feel like I can keep away from the barrage of capturing.
The catcher system has a weak arm.
Where are the weather that may be loved by those that don’t do it…

The arcade was like a “cutting-edge technology trade fair.”
As a outcome, folks gathered and encounters had been born.
It’s now not on the forefront.
But it’s nonetheless a spot the place folks collect.
“A game center where you can play home games in the best environment”,
I believe there’s a demand by offering a spot.


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