G2A is changing its supplier policies

G2A will be more transparent from 1 July

Frente al constant reclamo desarrolladores y publishers, G2A está tamando cartas en el asunto para lavar un poco su imagen y el July 1 commensará aplicando cambios de transparencia para su pólémica tienda de claves para videojuegos.

Las novedades se publicaron a través de la G2A news sectionand explain all the changes the marketing system will suffer from July 1, including the disclosure of sellers’ identities and the free inclusion of the VAT projection system in all purchases.

Starting July 1, 2017, buyers will have access to detailed information about sellers on G2A.com, including their names and addresses. Among other things, this information will be included in the invoices that the buyers provide, so that they know exactly who they are buying products from. In addition, G2A.com will automatically add geolocation to streamline its store. Buyers do not have to select location from a menu when purchasing an item on G2A.com. Now your location will be determined automatically using data obtained from independent and reliable sources.G2a

I don’t know if this is really enough to clean up a bit the bad image and controversy that has arisen behind the brand, but what we are clear about is that this implies the film that we know as “Mercado Gris» para pasar a ser algo más parecido a una tienda oficial, lo que llevará a precios más altos y limitación de las purchases outside de las regions.

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