Funcom is working on several projects and a cooperative multiplayer

Funcom, which celebrates more than 25 years in the sector, today announced its intention to fill more than 40 new positions at its schools in Oslo, Norway and North Carolina, USA. A large number of new job offers have been announced on

Funcom is waiting for a new game for a single Conan player

The press release tells us that after the success of Conan Exiles, Funcom is preparing the development of several new projects for PCs and consoles internallyincluding a collaborative multiplayer game and one new game for a solo player by Conan. For now, there is no more news about these titles, but we will definitely look forward to any information.

The company seeks to expand into the areas of game development, marketing and quality control. Among the positions that have been opened are producer, senior designer, programmer manager, project manager, quality assurance manager and more.

Funcom has also expanded into the editorial industry and will launch several new games developed by other studios in the market. This is not new and as an example of what we want in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, which goes on sale next December 4. The title is well seen by the professional press after the demonstrations at E3 and GamesCom, but let’s see , why does the press not speak well? we will see if we can try them and make a review under conditions.

In addition, Funcom would like to cover several new marketing platforms that will work just as much in internally developed games as in published games.

If you think you have the appropriate qualities and curricula, you can go through its official website and subscribe to the offers.

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