Fujoshi-san is surprised by the culture of male otaku, “Is one account okay?!”

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i really don’t understand

There are too many regulations that don’t make sense in the fujoshi area.

It’s an oddity that I learned about the existence of Prosecca, which has many female fans.
There was a female artist who was arguing against some troublesome female otaku who forced her to classify the rules.

I went to Kankore from Touhou, which was also for men at one time! Toka Kanko went to another genre! That’s what I mean… A guy called Mr. But I just thought that maybe Touhou and KanColle were areas for women who were making a fuss because they were lazy…?

It’s nice to have some eccentricities, but some people say things like “It’s outrageous that the guy who draws for men doesn’t follow our eccentricities!”

There is a genre for women

From the point of view of male otaku, are the customs of female otaku “crazy women’s bizarre habits”? No, I certainly think bizarre habits are bizarre habits, but there’s a huge cultural gap.

Really?I can’t think of it because I’m human

Female geeks strangle their necks and say they’ve been oppressed by society, so really…

Men don’t have to think too much about it, so it’s easy.
There is no need to write a note on the profile or something like that.

Oddities peculiar to female otaku
It seems that if you talk about other characters’ couplings when you’re talking about other characters, you’ll be ostracized.

Do you have patience? (laughs)

One of the reasons I don’t like the female otaku community
It’s just too bad that poisonous malo will fly away…
If you don’t like it, shut up and mute or block

Seriously not even 1mm bad

It can’t be helped because it’s a creature that becomes a key when something you don’t want to see comes into your eyes.
That’s why “I felt uncomfortable” is replaced by “This is unjust”.

Too much peer pressure…

Due to this eccentric practice, I cried tears of blood when I was told that I would delete all past genre works and then move on to the next one…

I’m crying like this

The world of women is crazy…

what is that···? Change account for each genre…?
Are you doing such weird things for women…?Eh…

Do you get angry just by playing a work of a different genre…
It’s so different for women and men…

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