Frontier Foundry is the new brand of Frontier indie games

Frontier Developments plc (GOAL: FDEV, ‘Frontier’) debuts today with its first two Frontier Foundry titles, its new seal created to release quality games with students around the world. The first titles are Lemnis port, a turn-by-turn strategy shooter where you can control the time and the cooperative and the platform title, Fighting. Both games have been awarded for having innovative playability as a fundamental part of their development.

Frontier Foundry’s mission is simple: to expand Frontier’s excellent portfolio of games with major new developers. By combining his development as a developer with his extensive experience in publishing games, Frontier is in an ideal position to help with his experience with third-party students and guide them through their development cycles and ensure that their creators embody their original ideas. The first two Frontier Foundry games offer a few radically new and different proposals to the industry.

Fighting is the first operation of the Canadian studio, based in Montreal, the Chasing Rats Games. Players receive commands from an adorable monster who must embark on a very bizarre and dangerous mission. Fighting is now available for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Lemnis port also came from Montreal, in the hands of Ratloop Games Canada, and came to make a comeback to the FPS genre thanks to a battle full of strategy where past, present and future will be brought together. Here, players will have the opportunity to travel in time in shifts with the goal of winning over their opponents.

During the most recent financial year for Frontier (12 months to 31 May 2020), five new distribution agreements were signed. Among them can be mentioned Lemnis port, Fighting and the title has been announced and is currently under development Surviving Marsfrom the Haemimont Games survey.

“Our journey into a world of self-publishing has always been marked by our passion for making memorable games that will create legends and break boundaries,” he added. David Braben, founder and CEO of Frontier. “We are one of the few developers who publish their own games, which gives us a good position to work with external studies and help them create great games. With Frontier Foundry, our goal is to take advantage of our experience working and building amazing communities in return for a diverse catalog of internally developed games, and to share this experience with our affiliated external developers ”.

Frontier Foundry is the symbol of Frontier’s growth and continuous development. This new stamp of play will continue to promote romper games in the years to come thanks to the new partners we will be announcing soon.

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