Frontier announces signing of new distribution agreement with Haemimont Games

Border developmentCambridge-based video game developer and editor announces the signing of the video game release agreement for the veteran developer Haemimont games.

As announced in its 2018 annual report, alliances with other developers (including third-party distribution agreements, which would mean Frontier could release video games from other developers) would be an important part of the company’s plans to create your video game catalog. cultivate. The association, which Frontier announced today, is Frontier Publishing’s first distribution agreement.

Haemimont Games (“Haemimont”), founded in Bulgaria in 1997, has a passionate team of 60 people, highly qualified and with extensive experience in video game strategy and management. They are the developers of exciting titles To survive Mars and of the series Tropical. Thanks to this merger, Frontier and Haemimont will be able to work together on a new project that will be launched in two or three years. Frontier will be able to offer funds for its development, as well as for its marketing and distribution.

This agreement is strategic and the first step in expanding the distribution brand of Frontier games with third-party titles. The Frontier Directive expects the distribution business to become a major contributor to the Group in the coming years, to the extent that new agreements are entered into.

Frontier CEO David Braben said: “This is a great start for Frontier Publishing. We are fascinated by our staff with a study of the quality of Haemimont. The Frontier Publishing initiative will help us expand our catalog of video games through agreements with external “developers who complement our own internal developers. We are currently in negotiations with other developers and hope to be able to announce new associations in the future”.

Gabriel Dobrev, CEO of Haemimont Games celebrated: “Our partners with Frontier, which has a long history of great and innovative titles, still work perfectly with us. We are proud to be the first partner of Frontier Publishing and we want to reveal more details about our project in a nutshell ”.

Frontier CCO Jonny Watts points out: “Haemimont has a good reputation in the industry and we are excited to start this relationship. From the beginning of the transaction, we have been clear that both companies have a great passion for the strategy and management genre, which makes it an ideal agreement for both parties ”.

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