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Richthe video and the social network’s favorite among many users, announced today 5 games which will be available for free download for Twitch Prime users in October.

Twitch Prime is part of the Amazon Prime service, offering exclusive discounts for launching new video games, access to characters, vehicles, skins and upgrades to Twitch’s most popular games, as well as surprises such as free indie games and exclusive rewards. You can also use Twitch without ads and communicate with one free monthly subscription so you can support your favorite streamer.

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In honor of Halloween, the amazon girls have decided to give a little more fear this time. From today we can claim and play all October free games; and once you claim a game, it’s always there.

Free Twitch Prime October game

Darksiders Warmastered Edition

After being lured by the forces of evil to destroy the end of the world prematurely, War – the first Jinete of Revelation – faces the accusation of violating the holy law to provoke a war between Heaven and Hell.

From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent comes SOMA, a horror and science fiction video game set in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Fight to survive in a hostile world that makes you question your own existence.

Originally launched in 1998 for PC and Game of the Year winner in the Adventure genre.

After two decades, Nightdive Studios reinvents and reinvents the original Shock System. “We want to keep the new game true to the classic experience, keep all the things you like, and give today’s players the modern look they expect from a great game.”

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