Free Twitch games first September

Richthe video and the social network’s favorite among many users, announced today 5 games which will be able to download for free for Twitch Prime users next September.

Twitch Prime is part of the Amazon Prime service, offering exclusive discounts for launching new video games, access to characters, vehicles, skins and upgrades to Twitch’s most popular games, as well as surprises such as free indie games and exclusive rewards. You can also use Twitch without ads and communicate with one free monthly subscription so you can support your favorite streamer.

Overwatch offers Twitch

Starts August 30th 5 FREE games from September with your Twitch Prime member!

Free Twitch games first September

Embark on an action-packed platform about exploration and friendship … ah, and climb your giraffe. You will climb and climb through crazy paths full of traps, treasures and more.

Single player English game.

Death Squared is a multiplayer puzzle game involving collaboration, communication and explosions of robots.

In a world where you are the master of mazmora, you must convince your heroes of their adventures as you try to restore the glory of your grace. In this turn-based mazmorras game you will create the mazmorra around your hero with maps to place monsters, spaces and even treasures. Will your hero be needed to navigate your creation?

Single player English game.

Get into battle in this intelligently designed puzzle game. You will play as a freelance spy filled with roaming high security buildings. Come back to connect the traps and security cameras to navigate and complete your mission!

Single player English game.

The Original Strife: Veteran Edition

Regarded by many as one of the original FPS-RPG games, this game is a fun test proven and true to the credit for the 3D engine in Doom.

Single player and multiplayer games in English.

Originally created by a solo video game developer, Pumped BMX is a game full of acrobatics and trick combinations spanning 500 challenging levels.

Play for a solo player in Spanish.

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