Free COD points appear on Vanguard players’ accounts

The COD points in the Call of Duty franchise are used to buy all kinds of cosmetic items and combat passes. With the impending arrival of Godzilla and King Kong Operator masks, players are looking forward to the next thematic content coming to Vanguard.

In general, players must separate the money they have earned to buy some money in the game, but as long as players begin to dominate the new cannons and weapons in season 3, many noticed an unusual addition.

To the surprise of the players, some accounts received 5k COD points without spending a single cent.

Vanguard players receive free COD points

5k COD Points are one of the largest amounts that can be purchased inside the game store, causing Activision to make a rather costly mistake. With a value of about £ 35, some were reluctant to buy some masks, while others kept them in preparation for Godzilla and King Kong items.

Reddit user ‘dizzyop’ confirms that the scores will be displayed on his account after completing all the added Zombies puzzles as part of the season 3 update, in addition to reaching the 200 level.

Several players were reluctant to comment on the mystery. In the now deleted publication, many suggest that the account may be the victim of a pirate. Without restrictions, the user does not mention any sign of any debit to the bank account, which declares any compromise of the account.

Another commenter experienced the same failure. After completing the Zombie vandalism. “I just finished the Dark Aether routine, and when I returned to the main menu, I had 6,600 COD points. Before, there were only 1,600.”

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It is not clear if this is a secret reward for completing a mistake or a mistake. One thing is for sure, those who receive the points enjoy their new purchase.

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