Fortune of the founders: a guide to Aldeano’s expectations

A list of the Aldeans’ expectations that must be met to move forward. Mainly useful for urbanism with residential areas. We hope this helps the new players.

Expectant guide to Aldeanos


Extremely minimal guide. We hope to help the new players plan.


  • Raw foods.
  • Bällavet mad.
  • Prepared food from the kitchen.
  • Kitchen food or baked goods.
  • Various kitchen and storage items.


  • Make a place to sleep.
  • Duerme adentro.
  • Make a suitable bed.
  • Make a bedroom.
  • He owns a house.
  • Make a house with 3 large bedrooms.
  • Make a house with 5 large bedrooms.

There were not that many alumni encouraged at each level, but I know:

To the 12 aldeanos

  • The 1-3 aldeans need a house with 5 large bedrooms (this affected all three when aldean number 12 arrived). ).
  • Aldeanos 4-7 requires a house with 3 large bedrooms.
  • 8- to 11-year-olds need a home.
  • Aldeano 12 is a child and unknown.

To the 13 aldeanos

  • Aldeanos 1-5 requires a house with 5 large bedrooms.
  • 6 to 10 year olds need a house with 3 large bedrooms.
  • Aldeanos 11-12 need a house.
  • Aldeanos 12-13 are children and are confused.


  • A “large room” must have at least 16 documents.
  • Lovers can share a house between them without penalty (lovers can be of the same sex, but only couples of men and women can reproduce).
  • Children (still growing) can share house with their parents without penalty (allegedly).
  • Adult children cannot share with their parents and must have their own home.
  • A house must be completely insulated to be considered a house, that is, no wall must in any way be connected to another building.


There is a level of satisfaction with life every time the bar of desires is filled. The current level of satisfaction is shown in the blue burbuja to the right of the experience bar. It is not the amount of reward points that the person has available, but the accumulation of all reward points that the person has earned so far.

I’m really not aware of that, because I / they have to achieve that naturally, it has never really been a big problem.

All I can offer is

To the 12 Aldeans:

  • Aldeanos 1-5 requires 8 of life satisfaction.

All my other aldeans meet their requirements, so I can not say for sure what it takes. Wishes are not that complicated to achieve. As long as your level rises and your people are at a point where their genetic desires have already been fulfilled, many of their desires will develop into a skill point worth 100 points. It should be configured to work as desired and it will therefore happen naturally.


Social measures the amount of good relationships an aldeano has. The only time this is an issue for me is when a new aldean is late in the game and you have to * jadear * manually to interact with other aldeans. Be able to interact generously between them and form relationships over time, so you will rarely need to intervene.

This has really not been a problem for me, so I do not say much.


The skill level refers to the highest level in his major and is not an accumulation of all the skill points earned in the long run. The only time this is a problem is when you bring in a new settler who is not qualified, in which case you just have to reach a level in any case so that the bar turns green.

Of course, this has never been an issue enough to be aware of and that the requirements should align naturally with the generic game.


  • 0 currencies per day.
  • 2 coins a day.
  • 5 coins a day.
  • 10 coins a day.
  • 20 coins a day.
  • 50 coins a day.

Assume that this reaches 100 coins a day at higher levels.

Note: 50 coins per day for Aldeanos 1-3 on arrival at 12º Aldean.

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