Forspoken developers will change the game based on user opinions

The developers at Forspoken are listening to player feedback and feedback, and will use it to adjust the game before launch.

Thus, he explained in an interview with game informantthe title’s creative producer, Raio Mitsuno, noted that many players had expressed concern about the frequency of dialogue between the protagonist and his brazalete.

“We’re looking at that stuff, adjusting the frequency, making sure we don’t get to the point where it’s too late, but we want to make sure that [las conversaciones] have a nice rhythm. “, assured Mitsuno. At the same time, the team would like to avoid that there is a lot of silence in the exploration of the world.

However, Mitsuno assures that the relationship between the two will not change unless the frequency of dialogue is adjusted. They will start to have enemies, since Frey, the protagonist, does not want to save Athia in any way.

During the game’s early advanced sessions, the game’s portrayal of Frey acting like a racist woman was criticized, fitting into some common stereotypes. A little later, Square Enix confirmed that they worked with a large number of consultants to ensure that no mistakes were made in this regard. About this, frankly, Mitsuno did not speak.

Some time ago, Forspoken announced that it would be postponed to October.

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