Former SWTOR developer Damion Schubert gives his opinion on Botín Boxes

“The norm in a game is not to use”

The Old Developer of Star Wars The Old Republic, Damion Schuberthas given his opinion on one of the most controversial topics currently in the world of video games, Loot Boxes island Botín boxes in Castilian.

After working with F2P games for four years, Schubert insists that button boxes are “essential to the operation of the business model.” And if it can be introduced in a way that could benefit the players, it is also a feature that can be poorly implemented.

Damion shares his opinion on Twitter with nothing more and nothing less than 24 tweets that mean nothing. The developer was pretty disgusted with what had happened to Star Wars: Battlefron 2 and left a patent with the words “What a mess it is to see AAA editors yodel it from the perspective of someone who has to design for them.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I would also like to leave this gift, which is the most common mistake that developers encounter in free games when using Botín Boxes. “The first mistake I’ve seen in F2P games is that developers do not understand it WHAT IS NORMAL IN A GAME IS NOT STOP. Most of their customers will NEVER give you a cent. “Schubert confirmed and continued with another tweet, taking as an example Zynga, the famous Facebook account.

“Zynga’s Facebook game, which asked to send spam to their feed, was successful if you had one 2% conversion rate. So it is a successful business model if 98% of the population never loses a cent ”. He also added that “things have gotten better since then and the people who design themselves have become more sophisticated, but we’re still in a world where guys plan microtransactions is ENCANTADOS and uses 5%«.

Schubert continues with more interesting data, as “some people think game developers are not concerned with keeping more than 90% active players, but that’s not safe. Most of these games NEED are players who do not use because they are multiplayer games. ”This refers to the fact that all multiplayer games require a very large base of players to function, and as commented above, it is usually not usable.These 90% of” normal “players are accused of talking well about the game, giving positive reviews and so on. They are the ambassadors for your brand. For example, League of Legends. Then enter the remaining 10%, which are the ones leaving the pasta and the ones financing the game in reality.

Damion Schubert, Star Wars Battlefront II

Personally, I’ve seen games that use a P2W somewhat camouflaged that you don’t care about before you arrive at that point in the queue; or pay, or have nothing to do to continue progress. For this to succeed, I enjoyed the title, some without meters and many others.

The vast majority of these games are all free-to-play MMORPGs, and time is running out. Developers say so, but profitable sales have taken a Chinese IP for four pearls and said they exploded here. It’s closed for another game. The vast majority of these MMORPGs are virtually identical in their functionality and background.

The case of Star Wars: Battlefron 2 is very distinctive, mainly because it costs 60 € and because the shooting audience is not used to this type of system.

As I always say, the button boxes are good, but always and when you do not have to buy them to get ahead, and much less than that provides an advantage that balances the game.

To see all of Damion Schubert’s tweets, stop by here.


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