[! ? ]For some motive, the mysterious idea of “Satsuma Hogwarts” was out of the blue born from the “Hogwarts Legacy” group and entered the pattern! “Ekusberia AAAAAA!!!!”

* The unique story might be this tweet

“Ekusberia AAAAAA!!!!”
Treated by Satsuma Hogwarts college students
The Experia Arms first chests and cuts off the arm holding the weapon.
It is predicated on the concept if you happen to can now not maintain a weapon, you could be completely disarmed.

Banned by the Ministry of Magic.

Satsuma Hogwarts scholar named Voldemort
I did not hesitate to name her (as a result of I’m a lady),
Because it was pronounced as Boruzemon
As a consequence, I used to be escaping from egosa magic

*Even the writer of “Drifters”, Kota Hirano, is on board wwwwww

#satsuma hogwarts
“He stated, ‘Eat blood,’ and tied the sinner to a brush,
Two teams catch the uncooked liver of a fleeing sinner, and combat it by coaching.”

Potter “…”

The “Lumos” spell is
In truth, as a result of it may be shortened to “moss”,
During the dialog at Satsuma Hogwarts,
Students could be seen randomly glowing.
Seen from Kagoshima Bay at evening, it seems to be like a firefly and could be very lovely.

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Reactions to this text

The idea of Satsuma Hogwarts that usually seems in TL,
According to my info, Hogwarts Legacy
“As quickly as you see it as an enemy, kill it with an abada kedabra within the shortest attainable time.”
It’s a really chest recreation so perhaps there’s nothing incorrect

All Satsuma Hogwarts college students have acquired Defined.
This magic that brings blades into the air could be mixed with gengenryu swordsmanship.
Demonstrating much more energy, whereas elevating the monkey’s scream
By firing with a sword approach
You can slash nearly something with the primary hit.
Banned by Ministry of Magic

Almost Headless Nick is busy.
“Unable to die on top of false accusations, I pitifully expose my shame.”
All the Satsuma Hogwarts college students I met cried,
This is as a result of they are going to assault you with tears of their eyes.
45 individuals had been recorded at 7 o’clock this morning.
“”I’m going to mess with you!!”” This is the clumsy kindness of Mokko.

Satsuma Hogwarts scholar wand
It is produced from Yakusugi cedar bushes which are over 2,000 years outdated, and lava from Sakurajima is used for the core of the cane.
Equipped with a blade product of solid Nanban iron, it casts a strange-sounding spell and cuts on the opponent.
The chants of Satsuma Hogwarts college students are extremely abbreviated.
“Sectum Sempra” is now “Sect” and “Chest”.

“Dobby is a bad boy! Dobby is a bad boy!”
“If you don’t understand that much, why don’t you go hungry! You’re a woman!”
The subsequent second, the mansion’s servant fairy’s head class is blown into the air.
Not a single scholar at Satsuma Hogwarts hesitates to intervene.

Satsuma Hogwarts learns just one magic, the Chest.
There is a which means of abandoning knowledge,
Eliminate all worry of battle with your self.
Hayato Satsuma is the one dormitory scholar, however typically Swedes are additionally employed.
They are magical Hiemontori who compete for the liver of the dragon with their naked palms.
Forging deep bonds that transcend nationality. Quidditch is prohibited.

Why are these guys so educated about Satsuma dialect and Satsuma tradition?


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