Football Manager 2020 is now for sale in stores

Football Manager 2020, la last delivery of the long saga of Sports Interactive y SEGA is now available for PC and Mac and will be on Stadia soon. Those who prefer to lead their team on the march, as much Football Manager 2020 Touch as Football Manager 2020 Mobile will also debut today for iOS and Android, while the launch soon arrives for the Nintendo Switch of Football Manager Touch.

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Today is also the first time that Football Manager has been included as the launch title of a new platform that has already taken a place in the original catalog of the Google Stadium platform.

The full version of FM20 includes a number of pre-launch beta enhancements, including an updated match engine, updated player and team information, as well as many optimizations and fixes thanks to the comments received during the beta phase. In addition, access to the Steam Workshop as well as game editors and previews are now available. Fans who have already started their careers as managers with the beta can advance to the final game.

With new features focusing on player development (through the game’s time zone and development center) and each team’s unique identity (through Club Vision), the FM20 for delivery becomes more fascinating than the story of the longeva saga.
The game has been well received by fans as well as by critics, with a median rating according to the Metatcritical organism of 85. Analysts have listed FM20 as “a significant improvement over the excellent game of the past year“(Metro),”another excellent delivery measure for the most used players in the series“(PC player) and”the best version of the game to dateha ”(PCGamesN).

This positive atmosphere was reflected in the comments from users before the preliminary version of the beta version of FM20, which has been the best rated to date. Many in the FM community have hailed the new features of the game, big and small, while Steam reviews are “very positive”.

Football Manager 2020 (for PC and Mac), Football Manager 2020 Touch (for Steam, iOS and Android) and Football Manager 2020 Mobile (for iOS and Android) are now available. More details on the Football Manager 2020 Touch for the Nintendo Switch coming soon.

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