Football for Friendship World launches on December 10th

Football for friendshipinternational children’s social program of Gazpromannounced the launch date of the game Football for the world of friendship. The global launch is scheduled for December 10, 2020, World Football Day. The new multiplayer football simulator is based on the program’s most important values, such as friendship, peace and equality.

Some of the first registered users will receive 100 unique sets of football products and football sets from the Football for Friendship program and the Football Union of Russia (FUR). Sets will be sent to winners all over the world.

For the first time, users from different countries will be able to participate in games in accordance with the rules of football for friendship united international teams. Players can play in real time with other football players from around the world, create and manage teams, become fans and support their friends’ teams on stage. Football for Friendship World will be promoted under the theme “Unite friends, unite the world!”.

Football for the world of friendship

Two weeks before the official launch of the game, the Football for Friendship eWorld Championship will take place on the platform. The championship will unite young athletes ages 10 to 14 from more than 100 countries in 32 friendly teams. A total of 55 matches are played. The final of the championship will be broadcast live. Football legend Roberto Carlos is the program’s global ambassador.

To participate and participate in the first Football for Friendship eWorld Championshi, you can register on the official website. The winners of the championship will receive entry to the UEFA Capmeones League Final 2021 in Istanbul.

AGT Communications Group is the global operator of the Gazprom Football for Friendship program. The international team of the company DataArt develops Football for Friendship World. The game will be available for free to first-time users.

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