Focus Home acquires Deck13, developer of The Surge

The French leader Focus Home Interactive bought the German studio Tires 13game developers like The Surge or Lords of the Fallen, Focus Home have previously worked with Deck13, served as editor on both titles in The Surge series, but are best known as the editor of Farming Simulator, SnowRunner, Vampire, A Plague Tale , Greed, among others.

Deck13 is valued at 7.1 million euros

The purchase has increased a 7.1 million euros and has included the entire Deck13 staff meeting 60 people, as well as all of its IPs and the independent release line like Radical Fish -RPG CrossCode in 2018.

Jürgen Goeldner, Chairman of Focus Home’s Board of Directors, told Businesswire: “We are very pleased to welcome the Deck13 team and work together to achieve our ambitious goals. This acquisition marks an important milestone in our growth history and will strengthen our business model. This acquisition will be financed through the use of the new bank financing of 46 million euros, which will also support our other future development ”.

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