FOAD launches the “Fangs” update.

Gaijin entertainment y Darkflow software has announced the release of content update “Teeth”of the brutal online puzzle CRSED: FOAD The update includes a new master, the vampire Bram from Helsing, as well as new mysterious rituals, weapons, beautiful costumes, a lot of aesthetic elements and a deadly statue.

Bram van Helsing was a wealthy Dutch nobleman, a hematophagic occultist, who practiced so-called “unity ceremonies” with his followers. Activists sent complaints to the police every day, claiming that “liberation” would be achieved, but nothing was achieved. At one point, Bram’s compulsive desire to drink blood had begun to make him sleepy, and he eventually went to a rehab center to receive treatment. There, he met another patient who told rumors of FOAD’s murderous plot, a perfect event to satisfy a vampire’s sadness.

CRSED: FOAD, Darkflow Software, Gaijin Entertainment

CRSED: FOAD, Darkflow Software, Gaijin Entertainment

The “Bandada de murciélagos” ability allows Bram to lift and move quickly in the form of murciélago. While in this state, a master achieves the state of “vampirism”, and 50% of the damage inflicted on the enemy is returned in the form of health, while his transformation into a group of murder allows him to move at high speed. The damage to the master is reduced by 50% and during the “solar eclipse ritual” by 70%. On the other hand, the “murder sun” ritual is bad enough for a vampire’s health. There is also a new type of flap called “zombie attack” available for players. After destroying it, an ugly enemy will be attacked by an unsuspecting zombie.

The update not only brings new content, but also allows PlayStation and Xbox players to play together in the same sessions, as well as unite multiplayer teams and communicate between them.

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