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The rewards

Once you have selected “Play” in the main menu, you will find the reward selection screen.
Here you will have a number of rewards to choose from, but just to get started you need to unlock the tutorial. The Bad Billy Bullseye Bounty unlocks after graduation and is the first real step in the Flinthook game. Before you can find the back of a Bounty, it will have a position marker image in place. Even though there are only 4 main rewards in total, each reward will come back each time harder and will require more ghost beads to reach the end. The ghosts to be completed and the difficulty of the contract will be displayed next to their respective icons in the lower corner outside the contract. Despite the increasing degree of difficulty, the game mode continues to be largely the same in the various contracts.

Hunting for a reward involves taking advantage, choosing ships, destroying bad ones and earning gold!
Each enemy ship has a number of variants that will affect its design, terrain, and general difficulty, so it can be very helpful to note the most dangerous ones to avoid them. In addition, ships will have a general difficulty attached to the bottom corner of their map, which will affect the type of enemies present, the number of enemies present, and the number of traps present.

Once you have obtained the required amount of fantasy gems, you will find the location of your reward ship, allowing you to confuse them and confront them.
Supposedly, none of them will take pleasant cause to get lost in their crew and land directly in their own ship, so it is not to know what to attack in battle. The information for each boss match will be found in
Guidance of jefes . After confronting a boss, Flinthook discovers that the guard from the jail who was captured will be robbed in front of his eyes by a mysterious man. Even if you get annoyed by this review, continue to the last room and discover another Bounty (and a lot of treasures!).

All rewards, except the guide, have a Hardcore version that can be purchased on the black market when certain conditions are met.
Hardcore versions simply increase the difficulty of enemy ships from the beginning and lift them up to the usual levels near the end. You can manually switch between the Hardcore and Normal versions of each Bounty after purchasing them.


Render the tutorial level when selected.
The room with the large picture frame has a secret room in the upper part that can be opened with a couple of nice Blasma pistol blades. The secret room contains a relic and this is the only way to get this relic.

Bad Billy Bullseye

The first (and easiest) of the rewards to pursue.
To recreate the Bad Billy Bullseye, you only need to find three fantasy themes that eliminate three enemy ships. After discovering the location of his ship, fight against Billy and his beloved girlfriend, Big Wool. The reward for beating Billy is 3,000 gold and the Goldfeathers reward.

Gold feathers

To race Goldfeathers you need to find four Ghost Gems.
After discovering the location of his ship, you must fight the Goldfeathers, who are sheltered in a strange and destructive artillery. The reward for defeating the Goldfeathers is 4,500 gold and the Baron Von Guus reward.

Baron Von Guu

To find Baron Von Guu you need to find five Gemas Fantasma.
After discovering the location of his ship, you will fight Von Guu, who also lives inside an extremely dangerous unit. The reward for defeating Baron Von Guu is 6000 gold and Gwarlock’s reward. Unlike the other rewards, you will have to watch a revealing scene every time you attack Von Guu.


To do away with the last of the most important rewards, Gwarlock, find the freezer with the twelve ghost gems.
After launching three boats, the player will meet on the Bad Billy Bullseye boat again. So it is that launching three normal ships leads to each of the chiefs’ legs, in order. This continues until he defeats Baron Von Guu, after which Flinthook confronts his old friend Gwarlock in the Galactic Lighthouse. The reward for defeating Gwarlock is 10,000 gold.

Infinite incontinence

The Infinite Raid “Bounty” is an endless battle between enemy ships.
Without a doubt, that’s not all, as poor Flinthook loses part of his maximum health for every new ship he travels. The ships you want to meet have no end, so this method is solely to the point.

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