First Dune: Spice Wars gameplay

Shiro Games studio has released the first video with the gameplay of Spice Wars, the 4X strategy game set in the Dune universe.

It shows so much representation that the new game from the creators of Northgard of the planet Arrakis will be presented as the user interface.

You can also enjoy some of the strategy techniques, such as conquering people to capture cash, diplomacy and espionage options. And, logically, there’s also a small combat advance and two of the most important characters in the story, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and Arena’s Gusano Mith.

Dune: Spice Wars is scheduled to launch this season on Steam in Early Access format, with future updates adding multiplayer modes, more features, and a full single-player campaign.

Meanwhile, Funcom continues to work on another title based on Frank Herbert’s novel. In this case, it is an open-world multiplayer supervision game, which is being developed for both PC and consoles.

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